House Clearances
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We provide House Clearance services accross the whole of the UK. We are
fully licensed and offer an excellent and competitive service.



Simply House Clearances are committed to recycling All the items which can be re-used or re-made into something else are recycled, We donate as many items as we can to local charities like Ashgate hospice, Cancer research, RSPCA etc.

Items which CAN be re-used:

* Good quality furniture,

* Good quality clothes,

* All metals,

* All wooden items,

* Good quality books,

All good quality items are donated to local charities, we do not sell items on as this takes time, which do not have. We simply clear houses.

Items which CAN NOT be reused:

* All electrical items which are ove 1 year old ( PAT test has expired )

* All sofas/beds which do not carry a fire certificate.

* Any items which are soiled.

Any items that can not be re-used can still be recycled. We take all these items to local waste recycling facilities which dismantle & recycle all wood, metal, wire, clothes etc. We do not use direct land fill.

We donate all furniture, clothes, bedding, bric-a- brac, books, crockery etc which are useable to good causes. At least 80% of all items from a house clearance can be re-used or re-made into something else.


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